How Much Does a Retractable Awning Cost?

Hard floor types such as concrete, marble, or tile can feel hot and uncomfortable under your feet during summer. Installing a retractable awning over your porch, patio, or swimming pool area can help make your outdoor living space comfortable for your family and guests. Besides providing shade, an awning can cool the space under it by about 20 degrees. You can enjoy hot days relaxing in your swimming pool area and worry less about installation and retractable awning costs.

You can buy an awning at a minimum price of about $800, but it could be higher than $4,000. Retractable awning cost varies between models. For instance, you can find a free-standing retractable awning at a price of about $1,595 and retractable awnings for your window for under $700.

3 Factors That Affect Retractable Awning Cost
Material – Aluminum-made retractable awnings cost more than the all-weather fabric alternative.

Type–You will pay a lesser amount of money for window awnings than you would for patio, walkways, or garden paths. The amount of material you need to cover your outdoor living space will affect the cost of your retractable awning.

Brand–Top brands can price their retractable awnings higher than models from upcoming competitors and local companies. You are likely to pay more if you get your awnings from popular brands which dominate the outdoor commercial living space market.

How Much Does a Retractable Awning Cost to Install?
Leading Philadelphia residential and commercial awning experts offer different prices for installing retractable awnings for your window, door, and patio. Typically, the cost you expect to pay for a window is under $700, while a deck is about $500-$3000.

Installing awnings over your patio, door, or pathway improves the look of your outdoor living space and makes the area underneath it more comfortable. You can contact a local awning company to walk you through the installation process, including the retractable awning cost.