How To Select The Best Fabric For Your Home Awnings 

Durability and style are great starting points when choosing home awnings fabric, however, they are not enough.

In this post, we’re going to give three tips to help you choose the ideal fabric for your residential awning.

But first things first, here are the different types of fabrics you need to know.

Types of home awning fabrics
What are the different types of fabric used for home awnings and which one is the best?

The standard home awnings fabric of choice is laminated vinyl. That’s because in general it is extremely durable, waterproof, and provides excellent sun protection. If you want higher-quality vinyl material, then opt for coated vinyl.

Coated cotton is a strong fabric contender for home awnings. This material is known for its resistance to mildew, UV rays, water, and fire. Unfortunately, it isn’t an ideal fabric for homes in humid climates.

Acrylic fabrics are another top recommendation and feature a plethora of choices including polyester coated acrylic, 100% acrylic, and even cotton-polyester blends. This type of fabric is preferred for homes in high humidity because of its durability.

Now, let’s consider three tips to help you select the best fabric for your home awning.

Tip #1 Consider shade factors
Home awnings fabrics are not created equal. Some have a decidedly better ability to block out the sun’s rays compared to others. This faculty is known as the shade factor. When consulting with a professional awnings company, do inquire about the shade factor if you intend to install a residential awning primarily to block out UV rays.

Tip #2 Evaluate weather resistance
When considering different fabrics, ask your technician this question, “How easily can this fabric withstand adverse weather conditions?” This is key if you live in a place with extremes of weather. In your deliberation, remember that if you settle on the wrong type of material, the warranty may be shorter and you may be forced to replace the home awnings after a few years.

Tip #3 Ponder fabric pattern and color
Durability and shade factor is important but so is the color and design of the home awning. Be sure to spend time browsing through different colors so that you find the right hues to complement your existing house theme.

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