What You Need to Know When Buying a Winter Vestibule Enclosure

There are many uses for winter vestibules in high-traffic commercial and institutional buildings. But here’s what you should know before picking one:

It’s common practice for businesses to install a vestibule for functional and advertising reasons. Therefore, the vestibule’s layout, material, and the phrases and images shown on it will most likely vary from one individual to the next. A canvas vestibule, for instance, would be convenient for frequent disassembly and storage. You may also want to use customized slogans or designs to encourage clients to purchase your goods or services.

When shopping for a vestibule, size is a major consideration. To avoid crowding the sidewalk and making it unsafe for pedestrians, ensure the building can accommodate the desired number of customers. So, before you go out and buy a vestibule for your storefront or office building, take some measurements of the area in front of the entrance.

Your vestibule’s material and dimensions will affect how straightforward its installation will be. Glass or plastic vestibules of a larger size will require more time to set up and take down. It’s a relief to know that no matter how big or what kind of material your signs are, Quality Awnings and Canopies can handle the installation for you.

A winter vestibule is often intended for cooler temperatures. That’s why it’s common practice to remove and store it away during the warmer months of autumn, spring, and summer. You may choose to handle storage by yourself if you have the room. Philadelphia awnings include seasonal storage when you purchase our winter vestibule enclosure.

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