What You Need to Know About Vestibule Enclosure Philadelphia

A vestibule enclosure – Philadelphia keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature by constructing a temporary wall outside (or within) an existing one and outfitting it with a door that swings open on springs. Technicians can do this within or without the existing wall.

How Vestibule Enclosures Benefit Homes, Businesses, Offices, or Restaurants

  • Adds a waiting area to a crowded restaurant.
  • To conserve energy, keep heated air out during the summer and cold air out during the winter.
  • Promotes products or services that represent your company.
  • It makes your business stand out by using vibrant colors.
  • Keeps clients comfortable by preventing the wind from entering a space
  • Provides more protection and separation in designated smoking locations.
  • Include navigation and aid in locating an entrance or location

Different Types of Vestibule Enclosures Based on their Uses

Plastic and Plexiglass Vestibules
These vestibules represent the choice with the lowest possible cost of those available. Like their counterparts made of wood, vestibules made of plastic or plexiglass serve the same purposes.

Sidewalk Vestibules
Sidewalk vestibules are located on the sidewalk, as their name suggests. Small shops and pop-ups also use them. Some restaurants use them for outdoor dining places.

Temporary Enclosures
During the harsh winter, vestibules may be the only option for specific enterprises. That said, your go-to contractor can make and install these temporary enclosures at your businesses. After the season, you can take them down and put them away until the following winter.

Install Your Vestibule Enclosure Today
To meet the diverse requirements of Philadelphia’s commercial and residential establishments, Quality Awnings & Canopies provide the best vestibule enclosures. Contact us today for the installation, re-installation, removal, and storage of your vestibule enclosures in Philadelphia.

Storage solutions for your vestibule are also available from us. We will travel to your location to disassemble and reassemble your enclosure after storing it in our climate-controlled warehouse for a nominal annual fee.