The Spring 2019 Philadelphia Restaurant Owner’s Guide To Awnings

We all know about the ever-growing competition in the food industry. New eateries, restaurants, and cafes keep popping up in Philadelphia now and then, especially during the pleasant spring days. Therefore, as a restaurant owner, gaining an edge over your competitors can be a daunting task. So, how can you stand out from your competitors and grow your revenue? Well, the answer may be as simple and straightforward as the installation of commercial awnings to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your restaurant and increase the seating space.

But, designing awnings for your restaurant will require a special focus that may not be required for other commercial awnings. While the awning may be a piece of décor for your restaurant, it can impact the diner’s complete experience. 

In the Spring 2019 Philadelphia Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Awnings, we’ll discuss restaurant awnings in detail. Read on to know more about choosing the right type of awning, using an awning from advertising purposes, finding the right awning manufacturer, and a lot more. 

Determining your awning type

The first and most critical aspect of getting an awning for your restaurant is determining the type of awning that’ll suit your restaurant’s business the best. Here are some factors you need to check:


There are 2 key types of awning models work best for restaurants: Freestanding Awnings and Patio Awnings.

On the one hand, Freestanding Awnings are standalone structural frameworks comprising Patio awnings fixed onto them. They are not wall-mounted. On the other hand, Patio Awnings are attached to the wall and spread outward over a restaurant’s seating zone or a smoking area. If you prefer a wall-mounted awning design, you can choose Patio Awnings for your restaurant.

When it comes to simplicity and sturdiness, Freestanding Awnings are the best. You’ll often find them in open and big spaces such as garden-restaurants, pool-side restaurants, party lawns, etc.


When it comes to the awning material, there are different types of materials you can choose. However, the amount of maintenance required can change from one material to another.

The two most commonly used materials for restaurant awnings are aluminum and fabric.

There’s no dearth of colors in the case of outdoor fabric awnings. However, they demand greater maintenance than aluminum awnings. Aluminum awnings are tougher, and naturally, do not permit a lot of customization when it comes to colors and designs.

Restaurant owners generally use fabric awnings. Vinyl fabric is convenient to maintain and provides a tidy look. Canvas fabric made of cotton or natural fiber can quickly get dirty and needs more care to hold the vibrancy.


The size of the awning would entirely depend on the available space and usage purpose. A small awning can be used as an attractive décor item, while a larger awning can provide your restaurant’s open space with more shade and coverage.

Side panels

If you want to boost the visual appearance of your restaurant, you can incorporate side panels. They can totally modify the architectural appearance and impression of the awnings. You can also use them as partitions between different seating arrangements in your restaurants to provide your clients with a more quiet and private space when dining in your restaurant.

Style and design

Restaurant awnings can play a substantial role in improving the complete look of your restaurant. So, make sure you select the colors and designs after giving a lot of thought to your brand guidelines and theme. How often have you dined at a restaurant just because of its appearance?

A trendy, good-looking, and spotless awning gives a classy hint to your restaurant. The awning designs need to merge with the restaurant’s total theme and branding.

Static or retractable

In the case of retractable awnings, you can roll-up or pull-down the awning as and when required. By installing retractable awnings in your restaurant, you can allow your customers to enjoy plenty of sunshine during winters and protect your customers from the sultry sun during summers. So, retractable awnings can be a good option for patio restaurants.

The motors and buttons allow you to switch the awning. Some cutting-edge retractable awnings also come with automatic sun and wind sensors. Yet, retractable awnings are naturally not intended to endure heavy rain or snowfall. Therefore, they can easily get damaged during extreme weather conditions.

Static awnings can be used to divide spaces in your restaurant. For instance, the BBQ area. They can also double-up as ads.

Using your awning for branding and advertising for your restaurant

By customizing the awning in your restaurant with catchy and engaging text to promote your restaurant’s business, you can attract more potential customers. You can also make the most of your restaurant awnings to display your restaurant’s address in a way that it is visible to the customers.

By incorporating the theme of your brand and colors of your logo, you can give the awning a more brand-led look. This can help you capture the attention of your potential customers and establish your restaurant’s brand identity with them.

Choosing your awning manufacturer and installer

Finding the right custom awning manufacturer is one of the most important choices of your restaurant awning project. Buying an awning for your restaurant is certainly a great investment, and you assume it to last for quite a few years. Since quality and strength go hand in hand, it’s vital that you choose the right awning manufacturer and installer to help you attain a restaurant look that is grand and impressive.

Here’s a quick list of factors you need to consider before you hire an awning manufacturer and installer for your restaurant:

Custom awnings vs. cheap awnings

When it comes to the visual appearance of your restaurant, you cannot afford to compromise on the awning quality for the price. Most custom awnings are somewhat expensive. Therefore, dodge the price issue. Don’t settle down for inexpensive awnings just to make your pocket happy. Make sure you work with an awning manufacturer who can provide you with attractive and good-quality custom awnings for your restaurant.

Local manufacturers vs. overseas manufacturers

It’s always a good decision to work with local manufacturers than overseas manufacturers. You can easily communicate with local awning manufacturers and even meet them when required. A face to face interaction is always more real than a conversation over the phone, especially when you’re ordering custom awnings for your restaurant. Furthermore, the delivery time and cost would be extra in the case of an overseas manufacturer.

In the case of local manufacturers, the awnings are manufactured and installed by the same company. But, in the case of an overseas manufacturer, you’ll have to request installation from another company.

License and insurance

Before you hire the awning manufacturer and installer, make sure you examine their license and insurance details. Licensed awning manufacturers know precisely what they’re doing. You can also request them to provide you with a tour of their facility to get a feel of their workmanship and the resources they’re using to manufacture the awnings.


Don’t ignore the reviews and ratings of the awning manufacturer and installer on third-party review sites and Google. Make sure you read at least a handful customer review before making the final choice. You can also request fellow restaurant owners for references, if any.

Permits and legal 

If you’re thinking of installing an awning outside your restaurant in Philadelphia, make sure you check the city’s awning installation permits and rules first.

You’re required to go through the City of Philadelphia to register the awning. Depending on the type of awning, you might require a building permit, and you’ll have to submit a zoning application in-person at the Municipal Services Building (MSB) Concourse.

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Our custom awning design process explained

Now that you know everything about restaurant awnings, are you ready to order custom awnings for your restaurant in Philadelphia? We, at Awnings Philadelphia, can provide you with superior-quality commercial awnings for your restaurant. Here’s what our custom-design process looks like:

  • Fill out the Request a Quote form.
  • Take photos of your restaurant, brand, logo, colors, etc.
  • Schedule an on-site consultation with our awning specialists.
  • Select your colors, awning type, shape, design, size, etc.
  • Once we understand your requirements, the manufacturing process starts in Philadelphia.
  • Once the custom awning is manufactured, the installation will be done by our top awning service providers.