Southampton Store Awning

Need an exterior space to display heat-sensitive inventory? Want to ensure your customers are
comfortable while they browse your outdoor aisles or wait to enter your store? Transform your
store’s exterior with a Southampton store awning.

Adding a store awning is a simple way to upgrade the look of your store while ensuring it
remains functional and welcoming to potential customers. At Quality Awnings & Canopies, we
have more than 50 years of experience supplying Southampton store awnings to local business
owners in the Philadelphia area.

We assist our clients from start to finish when they’re ready to purchase an awning. After we
listen to your company’s needs, we’ll suggest some awning designs that are suited to your
specifications. Choose from stylish solid-colored awnings, a vibrant print or pattern, or select a
design that includes a digital print or screen print of your company’s name or logo.

Once you select your awning, we’ll order everything you need for the installation process. After
we install your awning, we offer periodic servicing to make sure your awning operates smoothly
and continues to meet your needs.

In addition to Southampton store awnings, we also offer window awnings, door awnings, and
overhangs. A stationary awning is an excellent selection if you want to make sure you always
have a comfortable, shady space, or if you prefer a more flexible alternative, a retractable awning
is easy to operate and offers shelter within minutes.

How to Order a Southampton Store Awning

At Quality Awnings & Canopies, we’re ready to help you design and choose the best awning for your
business. We believe that the right Southampton store awning will make a difference to your business’s
success and daily operations. Contact us at 215-352-3444 to get started or check out our website
to request a quote.