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Quality Awnings of Philadelphia did an excellent job on our home patio awning. They helped us choose a color and fabric that would complement our home and also came out and measured the exact space before they built it. Getting a custom built awning was such a better choice for us than ordering some out of the box awning that wasn't quite the right size. This one fits our patio space perfectly and we get loads of compliments on it.
Ira Perez
Business Owner
As a building developer, I have a few go-to service providers that I use on every project. Quality Awnings is one of them. I always contract them to put awnings on my windows and doorways. This gives the building a unique, sophisticated look. The products they make and install are top-notch and the service is excellent.
Building Developer
We hired Quality Awnings to custom design and build awnings for all of our stores throughout the city. Great work, on time, fast, professional.
Bryan Brown
Having gone through several cheap commercial awnings that didn't stand up to the wind and weather, I decided to spend a little more on a custom awning from this company. This ended up being a great decision. You can immediately see the quality of the awning is really better than the others. It just looks nicer. The fabric is high quality and the frame fits my building perfectly. This one is built to last and you can tell it makes a huge difference in the front of my building. It used to have a cheap look now it looks like the high-end apartment building I wanted it to look like. They really are "quality awnings".
Crystal Bledsoe

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