5 Things That Set Apart Great Commercial Awnings Companies

Every commercial awnings company claims to be great but are they really?

We take a deep dive into what separates the average awnings companies from the best in the business. Without further ado, here’s the first point.

1. Reliability
Time is money. Commercial awning installations can be a tad bit disruptive. Therefore, you want the installation crew to come in on time and get the job done as quickly and as professionally as possible while causing the least disruption. So, when you’re sifting through the reviews of a business, see what people are saying about the company’s dependability.

2. Responsiveness
How quickly does the awning company respond to queries and questions? Do they take pride in being prompt with their answers? Do the answers show that they are listening to your needs as a client? With a project of this magnitude, you can’t afford to contract a commercial awnings company with a poor responsiveness track record.

3. Competitive prices
You can tell a lot about a company by the prices they charge. If they are billing too low that’s cause for concern and if they are commanding too high, one should also wonder if their service really is as good as they are claiming. The best bet is to get a range of quotations (at least three) and then proceed from there when choosing a commercial awnings company.

4. Flexibility
Is the awning contractor stiff in their practices and not keen to compromise and meet you halfway in terms of design, requirements, and budget constraints? Truly great companies will work with you to find a solution that’s workable. If this isn’t possible, they’ll tell you upfront that this is beyond their ability. Honesty is a hallmark quality.

5. Supply and install
The truly stellar commercial awnings companies are those that after helping you select the fabric will go out of their way to source all that’s needed to complete the job and then proceed to install. There are no surprise additional fees with such a dedicated team.

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