3 Factors That Affect the Longevity of Awnings

Are awnings worth the investment?
As Philadelphia awnings specialists it’s a resounding ‘yes’ from us and here’s why.
These durably designed coverings don’t just protect your outdoor space, windows, and doors, but can also help to reduce your overall energy bill.
Furthermore, when well-taken care of, they can last a really long time. To get the most out of your investment, it’s worth knowing about the following three things that can reduce your awnings’ lifespan.

1. Environmental factors
Granted, there’s not much you can do about adverse climate. If your shop or home is located in a place where you experience temperature extremes, your awnings are going to be affected more than awnings installed on properties in areas where the climate is favorable.
Knowing this, allows you to plan ahead and select Philadelphia awnings made of high-grade durable materials. And speaking of materials…

2. Awning material
The second factor that will determine how long your Philadelphia awnings last is the material from which they are made.
While laminated vinyl is taken as of today’s standard and preferred awning fabric, there are other options on the market including:

  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Metal
  • Fiberglass

Vinyl and acrylic are especially favored because of their durability.

3. Maintenance routine
How often you clean your Philadelphia awnings also has a bearing on their longevity. Routine maintenance is great for keeping the awnings in prime condition. It allows you a chance to repaint metal elements and oil hinges, especially on retractable awnings.

All of this care has a compounding effect. Regular checkups nip awning problems in the bud helping to prolong their lifespan.

Wrap up
Awnings are an excellent way to increase outdoor patio space, protect your patrons from harmful UV rays, and shield window displays from the glaring sun. They can add a distinctive charm to your establishment. If you would like to discuss customized awnings for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Awnings Philadelphia. Get your no-obligation quote today.